The Seattle Chinese Garden is like a beautiful Chinese landscape painting come to life–with classical Chinese architecture surrounded by water features, stone and plants. It is the perfect setting in which to learn about and celebrate the best of traditional Chinese culture—music, painting, dance, calligraphy, tea, and the annual cycle of festivals celebrating the seasons, peonies, kites, tea, and so much more.

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About the Seattle Chinese Garden

The Seattle Chinese Garden is a classical Chinese garden on the campus of South Seattle College, high on the ridge above Delridge Way in West Seattle. It is the only Chinese garden outside China that is built in the unique Sichuan style of Seattle’s sister city, Chongqing.

The Chinese garden began as a powerful scholar-official’s estate comprising beautiful gardens and landscaping in a lovely setting surrounding buildings that contain the best of Chinese culture–architecture, paintings, classical writings, furniture, and other arts. It’s a place for all to gather for the annual cycle of festivals, and for tea, music, dance performances, and other celebrations and you have a Chinese garden.

The garden is a magical place, both tranquil and full of life, timeless and everchanging with the seasons. And, it is a place for all generations, from the elders quietly doing their tai chi exercise in the courtyard to the kids climbing on our bronze carp or flying their elaborate kites during the annual Kite Festival. Indeed, the Garden is a great place for families to teach kids about Chinese culture.

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Donations provided during our Gala week support the care and maintenance of the classical buildings, art, and plants of the Seattle Chinese Garden and allow us to continue to provide a rich program of cultural arts and education activities for the community at the Garden when we reopen—and virtually on the web while we are closed.

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