Knowing the Spring Courtyard

Building the Courtyard – An Important Milestone for the Seattle Chinese Garden Society

The 21 artisans from the Chang Shu Ancient Style Garden Design Construction Company with lead garden designer from the Chongqing Bureau of Parks and Greenery finished the Courtyard in November 2010.

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Artisan Team

Feng Dacheng, lead designer from Chongqing, and Song Weizhong, chief architect and project manager for the Chang Shu Ancient Style Garden Construction Company, guided courtyard construction. Local partners were construction firm Krekow Jennings and Jones and Jones Architecture. Yangming Chu was the Garden Society project director. An expert on Chinese art history and architecture, Chu oversaw the first stage of courtyard construction in 2008, the building of the New York Chinese Scholars Garden in 1998, and the Ming Courtyard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Construction Team:
Yangming Chu – Project Director Seattle Chinese Garden Society
Feng Dacheng – Lead Garden Designer, Chongqing Bureau of Parks and Greenery
Song Weizhong – Project Manager for Changshu Ancient Style Garden Construction Corporation
Krekow Jennings Construction
Jones & Jones Architecture

Courtyard Plans