Keeping an Eye on the Next Peony Blooms

The tree peony varieties blooming in early May have now dropped their petals, but the next varieties to bloom will be bursting forth in this week’s warmer weather. These Itoh intersectional peonies are a cross between tree and herbaceous peonies. Also planted with rootstock from Luoyang, China, they have matured into lush bushes full of buds. You will find them at the north end of the peony garden near the path up to Dragon Seeker and along the upper path to the north and south. The Misaka variety has magnificent big blossoms ranging from soft orange to yellow, with eye-catching red central flares. Take a sniff of their delightful fragrance. The Keiko variety produces exquisite coral/pink blossoms. Look for updates on bloom progress on the website, in an upcoming email event alert, and on our Facebook page.