Hibiscus a Star of Summer Blooms

Come for a stroll to admire the beautiful “Rose of Sharon” (Hibiscus syriacus) shrubs on the eastern edge of the tree peony garden and north of the Pine and Plum Pavilion garden. A half-dozen varieties and colors are in full bloom, including pink, violet, and variegated white/red. Although its biblical common name and Latin name imply a Middle Eastern origin, this deciduous shrub is native to India and China and is popular in other areas of East Asia. In China, this mallow plant symbolizes wealth, fame, and splendor, and in traditional times was put up to ward off evil associated with the summer solstice. The Seattle Chinese Garden is well protected, and we love the summer sun here!

Celebrating Chinese Culture at Peony and Bamboo Festival

What a beautiful weekend in the Garden for our May 12-13 Peony and Bamboo Festival. The Wahaha Dance Group delighted the audience with their lively traditional dances. Visit again soon for more photos and an update on current peony blooms. Come for a walk!

Shadow Patterns

Late afternoon is a special time for appreciating the Garden’s architectural details and the interplay of light and shadow. This view of the east gate reveals the intricate layering of design elements and color, from blue sky to woodwork. Come for a walk and savor the Garden’s beauty as the sun slips into the western horizon. Photo by Sandy Marvinney. 

Who is this doggie in the Garden ?


Who is this doggie in the Garden ?

It’s Willow … with her companion, Laurel Seely.

The Garden is open to dogs with their two-footed friends, even those lacking this pair’s perfect garden names. Note that Willow is on a leash. Please bring plastic baggies for you know what. Our big field is great for walking dogs, but also is enjoyed by children and many other visitors. Woof woof !