Peony Blooming Update

By April 22 about eight peony buds had popped open to full bloom (photos below), and many more should be opening this week. Stop by to admire them and see all the big buds getting ready to bloom. We will post regular updates on the website home page and send via email alerts. We anticipate that the peony garden will be at or near the height of flowering for the early blooming varieties by the festival weekend.

Who is this doggie in the Garden ?


Who is this doggie in the Garden ?

It’s Willow … with her companion, Laurel Seely.

The Garden is open to dogs with their two-footed friends, even those lacking this pair’s perfect garden names. Note that Willow is on a leash. Please bring plastic baggies for you know what. Our big field is great for walking dogs, but also is enjoyed by children and many other visitors. Woof woof !