Honor Your Family, a Friend, or an Organization with a Garden Brick 



Attractive green granite stone is engraved with gold lettering. Prices vary from $250 to $675 based on the size of the brick and number of engraved lines. Your brick donation supports the Garden and your brick will be an enduring legacy for all to see.

绿色花岗岩石刻上金色字体。根据大小和刻线数,价格由250美元至675美元。 你的购砖捐赠将支持的西华园的运作,一份恆久的纪念。

Brick Map

438 have been installed on the east side of the Friendship Wall. Download the updatedbrickmap to check for names you may know (Use “Ctrl” “F” and type the name you want to search). New orders will begin filling the west side of the wall.

同心壁的東面已经安装了 438块纪念砖。可在这里下载最新的纪念砖图表(使用“Ctrl” 和F” 键搜索你键入的名称)。

We can provide a certificate and an 8 x 10 image of the wall that you may present for a great holiday or birthday gift or surprise for any occasion for an important person in your life. Your donation will be seen by your children, your grandchildren, the Northwest community and visitors from around the world. 


Order Form

Your brick donation is tax deductible. If you have questions regarding the bricks, please email info@seattlechinesegarden.org or call the office at 206-934-5219. To place an order, please print out a form (English version or Chinese version) and mail or fax to the office and pay online or send with order form or click here to fill out an online form and pay online. Once we have received the form and payment, donors receive a proof of the brick(s) to ensure accuracy of the engraving.

你的购砖捐赠可以抵税。如果您对砖的问题,请发电邮至info@seattlechinesegarden.org或致电办公室206-934-5219。如需订购,请下载购砖表格 (英文版中文版)邮寄或传真到办公室,或点击这里填写网上表格我们收到表格和付款后。会电邮或邮寄砖块核对样本给你。

Click here to read the background for the brick campaign 点击这里阅读背景