Chongqing: Our Sister City

Deepening cross-cultural exchange

Seattle and Chongqing have conducted more than 200 exchanges in education, the arts, government, business, and other fields since establishing sister city ties in 1983.

Chongqing, with a population of 32 million, is the largest municipality in the world. Its mountainous terrain extends more than 500 miles from the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River westward to Sichuan Province, with which it has strong cultural and historical ties. The municipality is one of just four in China reporting directly to the central government. The booming core city of Chongqing, with 6 million people, is a major Yangtze River port and the commercial, industrial, and transportation hub of Southwest China.

Exchanges between Seattle and Chongqing have opened doors, deepened cross-cultural understanding, and forged close friendships.

Education Exchanges have expanded the horizons of grade school children to adults. Chief Sealth High School in West Seattle is partnered with the Chongqing Nankai School. New exchanges from the high school to community college level are developing.

The Seattle International Childrens Festival has showcased The Peking Opera Troupe of Chongqing and the Chongqing Youth Acrobats.

Zoo Exchanges The Golden Monkeys enchanted visitors to the Woodland Park Zoo in 1986, as did the exotic Pallas Cats in 1995. Planning is under way for new animal exchanges.

Business Opportunities Encouraging business ties between our two cities is an important goal. Seattle companies with a presence in Chongqing include Starbucks Coffee Co. and Callison Architecture.