Wu Wo Tea Gathering in the Courtyard ~ June 17

A Wu Wo (无我) tea gathering is a delightful way to prepare, drink, and share tea. Participants at the Garden’s first Wu Wo program last year described it as a magical experience. Join us for our next gathering on Sunday, June 17, 2:00 to 4:30 PM. The gathering is open to everyone, from tea masters to those who want to learn more about the art of tea. Attendance is limited, and registration is required, so reserve a place soon at info@seattlechinesegarden.org, or call 206.934.5219.

To learn more, download the flyer: Wu Wo Gathering
If you plan to attend, please download the Wu Wo Tea Tutorial for instructions on what to bring, the program, and tea making instructions.


See brief video demonstration of Wu Wo tea sharing:  link

Red and Pink Itoh Hybrid Peonies in Full Bloom

The Luoyang Tree Peony Garden is still bursting with color as the late-blooming Itoh “intersectional” peonies are showing all their glory. They are a cross between tree and herbaceous peonies. Garden manager Julian Leung gives them a good drink to keep them happy as the weather grows warmer and drier. Colors now blooming range from vibrant red to pale pink and white, and many plants still have buds ready to pop open. A few late-blooming tree peonies are also in bloom just north of the Itoh variety.

Other plants contributing color to the garden now include the bright yellow lilies around the pond, which also is covered with water lilies. Come for a walk soon with family, friends, and your camera.

Gorgeous Blooms on Itoh Hybrid Peonies

Come for a walk in this fantastic weather and see the beautiful hybrid “intersectional” peonies at the height of bloom. About 70% of the bushes now have buds open. They should continue blooming for another week… though with this warm sunny weather, the remainder could pop their buds open any day. These Itoh peonies are a cross between tree and herbaceous peonies and are among the most spectacular varieties in the garden… in shades of pink and yellow/gold.

Celebrating Chinese Culture at Peony and Bamboo Festival

What a beautiful weekend in the Garden for our May 12-13 Peony and Bamboo Festival. The Wahaha Dance Group delighted the audience with their lively traditional dances. Visit again soon for more photos and an update on current peony blooms. Come for a walk!

Tea Lovers Packed the Chan Center for February Program

More than 50 people filled every chair in the Chan classroom on February 25 to hear a presentation on the Tea Culture of Southwest China by Yin Na, a tea artist from Chongqing, China. Her illustrated presentation offered an overview of the ancient roots and practices of tea culture in China and then focused on teas of the southwest provinces, with a demonstration of the proper method for preparing tea. Attendees enjoyed tastings of three teas — Golden Flower from the Tea Horse Road that linked Southwest China with the Himalayan plateau, Pu’er from Yunnan, and also White Bird Beak Buds, an ancient wild Pu’er tea. We look forward to future visits by Yin Na. The Garden’s Education Committee, led by board member Chunman Gissing, is planning several other tea events for this year in collaboration with local tea masters. Stay tuned by signing up for email alerts. Send your name and address to: info@seattlechinesegarden.org

Shadow Patterns

Late afternoon is a special time for appreciating the Garden’s architectural details and the interplay of light and shadow. This view of the east gate reveals the intricate layering of design elements and color, from blue sky to woodwork. Come for a walk and savor the Garden’s beauty as the sun slips into the western horizon. Photo by Sandy Marvinney. 

Future Events

Wu Wo Tea Ceremony           Sunday, June 17