Great Blue Heron Checks Out the Garden

Great blue herons occasionally visit the Garden, primarily to cast an eye on the goldfish, the mission of this one in late afternoon on January 7. This brief video link shows him stalking up to the pond. Alas for the heron, no meal there as the fish were in hiding on this cold day. Garden manager Julian Leung took the courtyard image and video. Volunteer Trudi Fajans captured the heron in surveillance mode on a cornice of the Pine and Plum Pavilion. Volunteering in the garden sure has its rewards, as does coming often for a walk, even in the winter.

If you capture good images of birds or other critters while visiting, do share them with us. We want to compile an archive of wildlife in the Garden and post some of the best photos on the website and on our “coming soon” Facebook and Instagram sites. You may email photos to:, along with your name, date you took the photo, and any comments of interest.